One important thing to remember is that Americans may remain silent when you say something they don't agree with.

This encyclopaedia is convenient for looking up things.


We will never know if he is trustworthy.


Class is from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Today I am four years old.

Do you think it's wise to wear your uniform today?

What more could we possibly do?

One was never married, and that's his hell; another is, and that's his plague.

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We depended on the newspapers for information about it.


You might want this.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Have you found a place to live?

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Amigo took something of mine.


I've not seen him in a long time.

Jeff's criminal record consists of only two drunken driving citations.

She has two thousand books.


What've you done for me?

His notion was neither concrete nor abstract.

When the Shishir comes out to translate, it's best to remain indoors.

Marci and Takayuki swam in the freezing lake.

It's an amazing opportunity.

I have a nodding acquaintance with her.

She told a white lie out of necessity.

I thought you'd be hard at work.

The professor gave a presentation on the history of France.

Johnny, come here quickly!

Les gave his mother everything he earned.


I haven't seen him for days.

They are out of touch with reality. They only care about their power, and the money they earn.

"Today's Tuesday, right?" "Yeah." "Why's it so crowded?"

The work can wait.

There are plenty of fish in this river.


Panacea doesn't like working in the garden.


Narendra is prettier and makes better grades than Alice.

That's all they care about.

What's wrong with you two?


He was very tired by hard work.

Sandeep should be happy.

Come on over here, Syed.

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Swimming is one thing I'm good at.

I'm sorry to hear that Nathaniel is so sick.

Here at Siemens, we insist on the very highest quality.

I have heard that freemasons have a secret handshake.

Are you more likely to get worse ovulation pains if you have a tipped uterus?

Chris didn't come to the last meeting.

Mail order is the main form of direct marketing.


Miki seemed hurt.


She suggested that I give it to him right away.

Jeremy made pancakes.

5. When the reaction is over, place the test-tube on a damp cloth.

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Coleen has come out of his coma.

Tanaka told Norma that she didn't need to do that.

They deserve their period of elderly life to be pleasant and happy.


They change everything.

We are very concerned about the future of this country.

I've decided not to go to Boston with you.

He met Sammy Davis, Jr. on his way home.

I'm not totally convinced of that.

I want you to sit with me.

There never was any real danger.

I'm glad we cleared that up.

They might kiss.


Some boys don't like to bathe regularly.

In interviewing John for the job, we must take into account that he has very bad eyesight.

Liber is a highly sensitive person.


Now I love you guys even more!

I thought that system was abolished last year.

Vice embraced Jingbai.

He worked hard only to fail.

A cheetah can run as fast as 70 miles per hour.

I had no sooner reached the station than the train started.

Norbert is growing frustrated.

I move that the witness be summoned on Monday.

Shari seems comfortable.

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Children jump from here to there and play with everything they encounter.

It's on every evening at 8.

Skef seems agitated.

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Helen dropped out of college and moved to Boston.

The future is now.

Instead of going myself, I sent a letter.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

They both looked back at them.

Sri wants me on his team.

What do you think it was all about?


Is this the boy you were talking about?

Television enables you to be entertained by people you wouldn't have in your home.

I have some free time right now.


This feels right.


Please take some.

We had to stop over in San Francisco for two hours due to the fog.

Show me how to do that!

How can this be achieved?

I'll speak to her alone.

What time is sunset?

Stay here and wait for Celia.

Izumi takes piano lessons three times a week.

Something bad was about to happen.

We express our gratitude for Mr Smith's outstanding, challenging speech.

If I should be late, start dinner without me.

I ran into Michael and Caroline in town this afternoon.

We know of more than 100 billion galaxies.


Spike is skilled, isn't he?

Did you know you are stronger than you think you are?

Let's do that again.

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I keep dreaming about him.

The brain has a complex structure.

I cannot understand Korean. I have never learnt it.

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What's with you?

It's just a stalking horse for raising taxes.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Jimmy probably has a good reason for not being here.

How is it?

You must meet with him.


I keep studying languages.

We have a lot of free time this week.

I lent him what little money I had.

Although they were brothers, they were not on speaking terms.

Who's your doctor?

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The captain was so angry he refused to give the crew shore leave.


His nationality counted against him.


I am spent.

We climbed Mt. Fuji last summer.

I'm not going to go to Boston next week.

What's the new boy's name?

How can I tell him what's happened to his family?

He looks as if he is going to be ill.

Jerome didn't tell Justin the entire truth.

I've always been interested in botany.

He is, what is called, a self-made man.

It's nice of you to see me off.

I'm still dizzy.


I accept the risk.

This, though I knew it well, I had let slip.

We'll scream.

I'm not sure that's suitable.

Did you see anything unusual lately?

Were you married a long time?

She sneaked into the room.

Page, weren't you supposed to invite only one friend?

My son started speaking when he was two.

His progress in class is encouraging.

I dress lightly all the time.

Toothache is one of the worst pains I've been through.

No, I don't. You had better look it up in a telephone directory.

Not more than 40 percent of students go on university.

I'm certain.


Tovah has Alzheimer's.


That would've been OK.

Sedat never spent a night at Amy's house.

I've got a lot of good ideas.

Annie went on a shopping spree.

Any suspect case is considered a public health emergency due to the severity of this illness.


By tradition, people play practical jokes on 1 April.

The trip will take some five hours.

How many cars does Alex have?

Do you like it with mayonnaise?

Just a moment ...

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I'm just minding my own business.

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I'm so proud to know that she's mine.

I hope that your parents will allow us to get married.

Are you homesick?


Desk work is just not my cup of tea.